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Woman shares incredible hack for reusing old candle jars and toothbrushes: 'Fantastic tools for nooks and crannies'

"Yes! Love reusing things to reduce waste!"

Instagrammer Allison showing ways to reuse your candle jars

In a popular Instagram Reel, low waster, thrifter, and sustainable living Instagrammer Allison K (@allisonfromearth) shows off three household items she loves to reuse.

Allison demonstrates her clever ideas in a quick video, which has gained over 1,000 likes. 

"Three things I reuse instead of tossing," she says in the clip.

First, Allison explains what she does with old candles. After getting all the enjoyment out of their lovely scents, Allison reveals how to keep enjoying them for longer by adding boiling water to the jars and melting the leftover candle wax. Alternatively, she suggests freezing the candle wax and then scraping the wax out. 

Once clean, these jars can be used for pretty much anything. Allison uses hers as propagation vessels, taking cuttings from her houseplants and placing them in the jar with some water until she can then plant them as new, baby plants.

Allison's second hack involves old toothbrushes. 

"They make fantastic cleaning tools for little nooks and crannies like sink drains, faucets, and grout," she explains. 

Her last trick involves Ziploc bags. The tip, which she claims is "the handiest" of all her reusable ideas, involves repurposing the bags over and over again when buying things such as bulk spices. She stores spices and herbs in the bags, uses them to refill any pots or jars once they've run out, and then washes them out so they're ready to be used all over again.

Allison's sustainable tricks are proving to be popular among her followers, with one user commenting: "Yes! Love reusing things to reduce waste!", while it also inspired others to share their own tips and tricks for reducing the waste they produce.

Another Instagram user wrote: "I love reusing paper bags to soak up oil from yummy fried foods. Then it gets composted!"

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