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Gardener surprised by 'adorable destroyers' discovered in their garlic plants: 'Absolutely foolproof camouflage'

"Well I suppose that means they're not vampire bunnies, so that's a relief."

“Where? I totally can't see them ..."

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There are countless benefits to gardening, and it turns out the practice can provide a great hiding spot for rabbits, too.

"There are baby bunnies living in my garlic patch," a Redditor wrote recently, sharing a photo of a raised bed with two kits. One commenter called them "adorable destroyers," but the poster noted they did not harm the garden.

"Where? I totally can't see them in that absolutely foolproof camouflage," another user joked.

Photo Credit: u/Yithmorrow / Reddit

Given the garlic-infused location, Bunnicula-themed jokes also rolled in.

"Vampires were chasing them," one commenter wrote. "Thank God they are safe!"

Another said, "Well I suppose that means they're not vampire bunnies, so that's a relief."

Rabbits enjoy spinach and lettuce but apparently not chard, so in this case, they moved on quickly, though it's not the first time a Redditor's garden has hosted a hopping cute garden surprise.

If they don't wreak havoc on a plot, rabbits can use it for shelter, just like pollinators, birds, and other wildlife. Native plants and other vegetation offer food, water for hydration and bathing, and areas to seek cover and raise young, according to New Jersey Audubon.

Chemical-free or low-chemical gardens may be especially attractive to wildlife, just as greenthumbs get a particular boost from the hobby.

A 2020 study in Singapore showed community gardeners had higher levels of subjective well-being than home gardeners and non-gardeners. They also were more resilient and optimistic as a result of the nature exposure and connection, experiences, and social elements.

Another community gardening study showed similar effects in the Denver area from 2017 to 2019. The participants who took up gardening increased their fiber intake and activity levels and decreased their perceived stress and anxiety.

Gardening — or even looking at a garden or plants — may help your blood pressure, heart activity, muscle tension, and brain electrical activity. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and air pollution and release oxygen, and native plants reduce erosion and water pollution. They can also reduce energy costs and increase curb appeal.

No wonder those bunnies looked right at home.

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