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DIY wizard shares transformation photo of the broken antique piano they turned into a 'beautiful' statement bookshelf

"I always admire anyone who can make something beautiful out [of] unwanted and unloved pianos that otherwise end up flytipped."

Broken piano transformation into a beautiful bookshelf

Photo Credit: iStock

The phrase "one man's trash is another man's treasure" often resonates with thrifters and upcyclers. But one Reddit user is taking this statement to a new level and showcasing their handiness — and the internet is impressed.

The photo, posted on the r/Upcycling forum, showcases a refurbished 149-year-old broken piano transformed into a beautiful bookshelf. The instrument still has its keys and frame, but the interior has been replaced with shelves lined with books. 

Above the photo, the original poster wrote: "A friend of mine wanted to get rid of his 149 year old broken piano. But then I built this."

Broken piano transformation
Photo Credit: u/Rass0255 / Reddit

Not only is this bookshelf an impressive statement piece for any bibliophile or music lover's home, but it is also a crafty way to keep large pieces of waste out of landfills. 

Dumping pianos in landfills or spots where they otherwise shouldn't be discarded, called fly-tipping, is a pertinent issue. The price of used pianos has dropped significantly in recent years and caused many owners to dismantle, dump, and even burn their leftover instruments for firewood. 

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One of the reasons why more pianos are getting dumped rather than repaired and reused is because of the high repair cost — and the dwindling number of people who can fix pianos. Moreover, musicians can purchase cheap imported pianos or electronic ones for a fraction of the price. 

Upcyclers like this Reddit user are showing the world that there is life left in these instruments, even when the music doesn't sound the same as it used to. 

Other Redditors were thrilled with the transformation. "I first thought that this was an ad, it looks so stunning and professional! I absolutely love it," one user wrote

Another was impressed at the upcycler's ability to transform the piano, which may have otherwise been dumped in an unauthorized location. "That is absolutely stunning! Such an amazing job! I always admire anyone who can make something beautiful out [of] unwanted and unloved pianos that otherwise end up flytipped."

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