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Bystander captures rare footage of US high-speed rail flying past an intersection: 'Hauling'

"It really is a perfect opportunity."

"It really is a perfect opportunity."

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High-speed rail is expected to be part of the future of transportation in the United States — to the delight of many.  

Residents and tourists in Florida have already gotten a preview thanks to Brightline, which runs from Miami to Orlando and has four stops along the way. 

Now, thanks to one bystander, people are getting a peek at just how quickly high-speed rail can get them to their destinations.

Jim Reed (@N4BFR) recently captured footage of a southbound Brightline passing through Sebastian, and the multi-car train was there and gone in a matter of seconds.

"Hauling!!" one commenter said in amazement. 

While Brightline's quick transit through the city will appeal to people who are used to waiting annoyingly long times for slow-moving trains at crossings, the lack of pollution from the train itself is another reason to smile.

Taking public transportation can eliminate thousands of pounds of carbon dioxide per person every year, and trains in particular are already one of the least polluting modes of transportation. 

While figures vary depending on the country, more than half of the U.S. grid still runs on dirty energy, though it has invested in expanding its clean-energy infrastructure.

However, diesel trains release significantly more pollution regardless. 

"Typically, an electric train emits between 20% to 35% less carbon per passenger mile than a diesel train," Antonio Colla, a global railway sales and marketing manager at technology company ABB, said in a 2022 press release detailing Switzerland's electric rail system. 

A high-speed rail project is now underway in California, and there has been talk of expanding the Brightline in Florida.

According to WLRN, Brightline ridership rose 101% from November 2022 to November 2023. 

"It really is a perfect opportunity, a perfect place for families to travel from one destination to the next and not having to be up in a car in traffic all the way from one spot to the next," Katie Mitzner, the director of public affairs at Brightline, told the outlet this winter.   

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