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Shopper amazed after finding 'smart' oven on shelf at thrift store: 'These are amazing'

"I have this exact one, and it's still going strong after a decade-ish."

"I have this exact one, and it's still going strong after a decade-ish."

Photo Credit: Reddit

There's truly no feeling like stumbling upon an amazing and unlikely find at the thrift store. This Redditor experienced it and shared their joy with the subreddit r/ThriftStoreHauls

"My white whale: the Breville smart oven like new for $59. New for $270," they captioned their post. "Always wanted one, but couldn't afford. So happy."

They shared a photo showcasing the pristine oven, which has smart internal sensor technology that automatically adjusts power and calculates cooking time, according to Williams Sonoma

It's not uncommon to find these kinds of culinary treasure troves in the thrift world. Another Redditor bought a high-quality rice cooker secondhand for $12.99, while yet another secured an air fryer for only $8. 

Purchasing high-quality kitchen appliances secondhand is not only economical, but it's also good for the environment. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 2.1 million tons of major appliances ended up in landfills in 2018. Landfills produce methane, one of the most potent planet-warming gases. 

Thrifting can help curb this statistic. And fortunately, it's a popular activity. According to BusinessDIT, about 16-18% of Americans shop at thrift stores, and people who shop at thrift stores are expected to save almost $150 per month. 

Redditors took to the comments section to congratulate the thrifter on their incredible find.

"These are amazing!" one user commented. "Pizza is actually BETTER the next day when you toast it up in this!"

"When my husband and I got married at 58 we had doubles of so much good stuff," said another. "I got a lot of joy at thinking of people shouting score! When they found it at [Goodwill]."

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Another person noted the longevity of the appliance, writing: "I have this exact one, and it's still going strong after a decade-ish. I love mine so much. You scored! Great find."

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