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Exasperated shopper slams deceptive label attached to newly purchased underwear: 'Have they looked at anyone's closets?'

"So frustrating."

Bonds, greenwashed underwear packaging

Photo Credit: u/xlpx/ Reddit

An exasperated Reddit user has shared a helpful example of how some companies try to trick consumers into thinking their products are eco-friendly via greenwashing — by observing some questionable packaging of underwear from Bonds.

In a recent post on the r/sustainability subreddit, a user posted two pictures of their underwear order from Bonds. The first picture shows a cardboard label that says, "This packaging is designed to keep our planet comfy," while the second picture displays three plastic hangers and the plastic bag that the underwear came shipped in.

"Greenwashing at its finest," the user writes in their caption. "Supplying 3 useless plastic coat hangers for 3 pairs of underwear that are securely joined together by a tag. So frustrating."

"Are those plastic [hangers] for undies delivered by mail? So like, totally unnecessary?" a user asks in the comments.

Greenwashing is the process by which companies intentionally misconstrue information to make their products and practices seem more environmentally friendly than they actually are. 

As one user writes in a comment on the post, "Companies believe they can eliminate the cost of investing in sustainability, but still reap the benefits of having an 'environmentally friendly' image." 

Greenwashing tactics can range from small details like packaging and misleading phrasing to bigger issues like misrepresenting corporate investments.

Commenters shared their distaste for the underwear's packaging.

"What would be really great to know is whether the *product AND packaging* are manufactured in a way that keeps our planet comfy," one user comments.

"Have they looked at anyone's closets? Who hangs their underwear?" another user writes.

"This reminds me of items with no wheat whatsoever being sold as 'gluten-free,'" a third user says.

For more tips on how to spot greenwashing — and not be fooled by corporate strategy — check out this guide.

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