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Gardener shares footage of their 'stunning' yard in bloom after ripping out their grass: 'You created a magical place'

"I tore out our grass because I read the birds and bees would appreciate that."

garden designed for 'birds and bees'

Photo Credit: u/kbsd1972 / Reddit

A green-thumbed Redditor recently shared a video of their garden after they decided to replace their lawn. The clip showcases the garden in full bloom.

"I tore out our grass because I read the birds and bees would appreciate that," the original poster said. In the background of the video you can hear the early morning birdsong.

Birds and bees certainly prefer gardens to lawns. Because lawns provide only one kind of plant, they leave pollinators with few options for food and nesting sites. Gardens, on the other hand, provide pollinators with lots of choices of shelter and food. 

The diversity of gardens isn't the only benefit of getting rid of your lawn. 

Lawn maintenance is often destructive to your neighborhood pollinators because bees rely on plants like dandelions and clover for nourishment; mowing your lawn can deprive bees of a valuable food source. Lawns also generally require more water than gardens, and the fertilizers and pesticides they demand can lead to chemical runoff that pollutes our waterways. 

By replacing your lawn with a garden, you'll save time and money while doing some good for the environment.

After the post went viral, the OP shared a little bit about their process. "Prior to this project, I really felt that gardening was not for me," they wrote. "It is a lot of trial and error … Over the last three years, I was able to see what plants were happy and where. I learned how to propagate and how to plant from seed. I guess my only real advice is to give yourself and your garden time." 

The post has gotten a ton of love. One person wrote, "Stunning. You created a magical place." While another posted, "That is amazing, beautiful work!" 

The video inspired others to transform their lawns into pollinator-friendly gardens. "Super inspiring … hoping to start doing the same this year!" one commentor said. "Goals! I have a big square acre of land and I'm not sure where to start with mine. But this is my dream!" said another.

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