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Pleased gardener shares video of adorable visitor spotted in their unconventional backyard: 'I could watch this all day'

"So wonderful to see!"

"So wonderful to see!"

Photo Credit: Reddit

Gardening comes with a plethora of benefits, including happiness.

According to National Geographic, the human need to connect with nature is called biophilia, a word of Greek origin meaning love of life and the living world. 

A video posted on r/GardenWild, a subreddit for gardeners that helps and encourages local wildlife, shows just how joyous gardening can be.

"Kiko the blackbird bathes in our barrel pond every day," the OP wrote in the caption.

The blackbird is having the time of its life amid a native garden, ruffling its feathers and splashing around.

In response to a concerned comment about sitting water and whether or not it gets changed, the OP replied: "It slowly drains through tiny holes, gets refilled with rainwater and we change it only when it's visibly dirty, but we use organic pond cleaning algae and we also have a few aquatic plants inside that help keep it clean."

The concerned Redditor included a link to an article about safety precautions for birdfeeders and birdbaths. Another comment directed the OP to r/WildlifePonds for advice.

Traditional green yards require a lot of work and can rack up quite the water bill. Maintaining a natural yard will actually make your life easier since it requires less water, less fertilizer, and fewer pesticides. Rewilding saves money and eliminates exposure to harmful chemicals.

Native plants grow easily in the local conditions they're used to with less maintenance. They also attract and feed vital pollinators, which are extremely important to the health of our food supply and our survival.

The video of Kiko brought smiles to several faces.

"It wasn't meant as a bird bath, but the birds love it," the OP said.

"I could watch this all day," one Redditor wrote.

Another agreed, saying, "So wonderful to see!"

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