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Homeowner reveals ‘beautiful’ untraditional lawn transformation in before-and-after photos: ‘I’m jealous’

“Your garden looks great!”

"Your garden looks great!”

Photo Credit: u/Camkode / Reddit

A Redditor posted before-and-after photos of their new lawn looking for help from the community in the r/NativePlantGardening subreddit, but they also received comments from people who were amazed by the transformation. 

The Redditor is just one of many homeowners and renters alike who are joining the trend of growing plants native to their area.

They posted one before pic, followed by one that appears to be right after the transformation, and then one after the plants had time to grow.

"Your garden looks great!”
Photo Credit: u/Camkode / Reddit
"Your garden looks great!”
Photo Credit: u/Camkode / Reddit

They captioned the post: “Hey all, I wanted to share my successful native plant garden that we planted last year, and ask for help with a specific issue. We laid 3-4-inch thick wood chip mulch down, and unfortunately bindweed has really been the only weed that has come up through the mulch. How can I address it?”

Growing native plants is becoming more and more popular for a lot of reasons, one being that native plants are naturally acclimated to the environment in the area. It takes less care to grow native plants. They can save you on water, fertilizer, pesticides, time, and money. Native plants are also generally more resistant to local weather than plants that wouldn’t normally be found in the area.

On top of that, creating a natural ecosystem in your yard can attract local wildlife. Native plants have evolved to develop specialized relationships with other plants, animals, birds, and insects.

Native plants thrive and help the entire ecosystem to do the same when grown in their natural habitat.

As for the Redditor’s question, many commenters weighed in. 

“You can get rid of bindweed manually but it takes years of almost weekly pulling … but you must be diligent with the weekly or biweekly pulling or the roots just keep getting stronger,” one person commented

Another said, “I don’t generally recommend herbicides. But selective use of glyphosate by containing the chemical within a sealed bag may be the only recourse when faced with this plant.”

Other commenters were just mesmerized by the transformation with native plants.

One commenter said, “Beautiful transformation.”

Another said, “I’m jealous … Eventually I’ll get my no lawn way! Your garden looks great!”

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