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Cyclist sparks debate after sharing close encounter with car in construction zone: 'Paint is not bicycle infrastructure'

"We're getting honked at right now?"

“We're getting honked at right now?"

Photo Credit: TikTok

Two cyclists prompted a heated discussion about bike lanes after posting a video of a dangerous encounter with cars in a construction zone.

In a TikTok post, Propel Electric Bikes (@propelelectricbikes) shared brief footage of two bikers going head-to-head with drivers in a construction zone on a busy city street. 

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"Oh, sorry buddy, there's not enough room. Not enough room," the first cyclist says as a car unsuccessfully attempts to pass him in a narrow stretch of road. 

Multiple vehicles honk at the two cyclists, prompting the second biker to say, "We're getting honked at right now? We've got a bike lane and then the bike lane was blocked by a truck, and people are annoyed at us for going around the truck."

Commenters shared polarizing thoughts on the incident below the video. 

"Paint isn't bike infrastructure. Paint is NOT BICYCLE INFRASTRUCTURE…ever," one user commented.

"Inadequate bike infra sure, but as a cyclist if your lane is blocked, you ought come to a stop in your lane and yield to the cars. It's their lane," another user noted.

"Bikes shouldn't have the same laws as cars. bikes should have to yield to cars. bikes can't keep the speed cars can," a third user opined.

"This is what it's to bike in Boston. Even if the road has multiple lanes the fact that you're in their way drives them crazy," another user stated.

It's undeniable, however, that opting to ride a bike instead of drive a car has a substantial impact on the environment. According to TCD's cycling guide, riding a bike saves 0.75 pounds of carbon dioxide pollution for every mile ridden, which means riding 1,200 miles a year could prevent up to 900 pounds of pollution. 

And cycling is only getting easier, as cities like Paris, London, and Amsterdam are encouraging bicycles and discouraging car usage.

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