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Bicyclists rejoice after witnessing 'justice' befall a car parked in the bike lane: 'I've literally never seen this happen'

"The only time I'm ever glad to see a truck pulled into the bike lane."

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Photo Credit: u/stablemobility / Reddit

A video posted on Reddit shows an illegally parked car being towed from a bike lane in Chicago, which helps make biking safer in the city. 

According to the cyclist who posted the video, the tow-truck driver said this could be the start of a new trend, which is likely referring to a city ordinance passed in December by the Chicago City Council. The new law raised the fine for blocking a bike lane to $250, allowing offending vehicles to be towed and requiring a warning if a bike lane is closed.

The Chicago Sun-Times reported that the law is meant to address a worrisome pattern of young people being killed by drivers earlier this year.

"The hope is that drivers will get the message to stop parking in bike lanes — a practice that forces cyclists and people on scooters to move into lanes of traffic and risk being hit or hitting others," the outlet explained

Photo Credit: u/stablemobility / Reddit

The Chicago Department of Transportation is also spearheading an exciting plan to create 150 miles of new, strategically placed bike lanes to make it easier for commuters to make short trips safely on a bike, scooter, or e-bike

Making biking safer encourages more people to ride, which reduces traffic congestion and lowers the amount of toxic air pollution created by cars, improving air quality for everyone. 

Plus, bikers also enjoy added health benefits. According to the Cleveland Clinic, bicycling benefits both physical and mental health, including cardiovascular improvements as well as better balance and coordination.

Reddit users responded enthusiastically to the video. 

One reader thanked the poster and added, "I've literally never seen this happen!"

Another user said, "The only time I'm ever glad to see a truck pulled into the bike lane," to which the original poster responded, "If the tow truck driver's comments were any indication, hopefully, we see it a lot more often!"

A third commenter added, "There are laws in your favour, they just need enforcing."

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