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Dad shows unbelievable before-and-after photos of the restored toolbox he made for his son's birthday: 'I'm gonna cry'

"That's a badass toolbox!"

“That's a badass toolbox!"

Photo Credit: u/vtr1994/ Reddit

Giving gifts is a tradition in many countries around the world. Unfortunately, it has become linked to consumerism, resulting in a lot of unnecessary gifts that eventually wind up in the trash.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

A popular Reddit post under the subreddit r/restoration is the perfect example of a thoughtful gift that didn't involve spending money on a new product.

Photos in the post show an old metal toolbox restored to the point where it looks brand new. The title of the post is "1st toolbox for my son's 1st birthday." 

Photo Credit: u/vtr1994 / Reddit

But why go through the trouble of restoring something old when you could simply buy a shiny new present?

For starters, a brand-new item may not last long. Planned obsolescence — the deliberate practice of designing products with a short lifespan — is real. Although it is often associated with electronics and new technology, it has a history that goes back to the lightbulb. 

Then there is the problem of plastic. It has become a key component in almost every kind of manufactured good imaginable. More than 430 million tons of plastic are produced each year. It is used in automobiles, furniture, appliances, and all our electronic gadgets. And yes, even toolboxes are now made of plastic

These plastic products often end up in our landfills, polluting our planet. And there is no shortage of news about the detrimental effects of microplastics on our environment and even on human health.

Restoring and repairing old products offers everybody a chance to stop adding to the accumulation of plastics and other pollutants partially responsible for heating up our Earth.

Besides giving new life to an old toolbox, the Redditor is also providing the opportunity for their son to learn about and experience the importance of restoring and repairing as opposed to throwing away and buying new. The toolbox is sure to play a role in future projects.

Other Redditors agreed on the "beautiful" gift's hidden value.

"That's a badass toolbox! Way to go, man! He's sure to love it!" posts one commenter. 

One user was definitely hooked on the heartfelt meaning behind the gift, saying, "I'm gonna cry, how lovely."

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