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Homeowner concerned after neighbor plants property-ruining invasive species: 'Going to destroy everything'

"Your neighbors royally screwed everyone around."

"Your neighbors royally screwed everyone around."

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A few stalks of bamboo may look innocent enough — but for homeowners, unwanted bamboo cropping up on a property is a major disaster in the making.

One homeowner took to Reddit for advice after their neighbors planted bamboo that began spreading to their own backyard, asking, "Should I let it grow or do something about it?"

The commenters were swift and decisive. "For now it looks harmless. By the time damage is done it will be too late," one warned. "Act now."

"Your neighbors royally screwed everyone around."
Photo Credit: Reddit

Others had nightmarish stories to share. "It took me 3 years to remove the bamboo the previous owners planted at my house," one person wrote. "I'd dig down and cut those roots now before it's a problem."

Bamboo is incredibly resilient, as One Tree Planted explained, able to grow so quickly that you can see certain species literally grow before your eyes. But for homeowners, its strength is also its biggest threat. 

Not only does bamboo terrorize yards and monopolize resources from gardens and native plants, but it can grow through seemingly solid materials, like cement. Unchecked bamboo has been known to cause thousands of dollars in damages by bursting through floors and walls.

"Mine was originally planted in wooden barrels. Those broke down and it went crazy," another person commented. "I pulled up dozens of feet of roots."

"Your neighbors royally screwed everyone around," another agreed. "People who plant bamboo should be taken to court and fined and have to pay a fine every year to neighbors … it never stops spreading."

For these reasons, several states have rules ensuring that residents must apply for a special permit to plant certain invasive species, like bamboo, and others have banned those species altogether.

"[Today I learned] bamboo is a menace to society," one person joked.

Instead, many Redditors advised acting quickly to get rid of the bamboo — such as by pouring boiling water on the roots or removing them manually — and informing their neighbors that if they plan on growing it, they need to consult guides for growing it responsibly. 

Better yet, they could upgrade their yard with native plants instead, which won't invade their neighbor's property (and will provide a habitat and food source for pollinators).

One thing is clear: The bamboo can't remain unchecked. "Ask the neighbor to destroy the original plant. If they refuse, take them to court and make them," one person suggested. "Otherwise, that bamboo is going to destroy everything."

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