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Bamboo diapers are better for your baby, the planet, and your busy schedule — here's what makes them special

For parents, some companies even offer an optional pickup service for used diapers.

Bamboo diapers are better for your baby, the planet, and your busy schedule — here's what makes them special

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From birth until the end of potty training, a baby will use thousands of diapers — between 5,000 and 6,000, according to Inhabitat

Traditional disposable diapers aren't biodegradable and contribute to a household's landfill-bound garbage. Some parents try to minimize this issue with cloth nappies, but these need to be washed, making them an impractical solution for many families. 

But bamboo diapers from DYPER represent the best of both worlds: an option that's disposable, yet eco-friendly.

What are bamboo diapers?

Most diapers are made of a combination of synthetic materials and wood pulp. Bamboo diapers use natural fibers from the bamboo plant instead. While reusable bamboo cloth nappies do exist, DYPER's eco-friendly diapers are completely disposable.

Why do bamboo diapers matter?

In terms of daily use, bamboo diapers work exactly the same as traditional, disposable ones. What makes them different is that they're 100% compostable.

Synthetic materials can take decades to break down, but bamboo will decay naturally in a much shorter time, and the remains can be used as fertilizer. To make this as convenient as possible for parents, DYPER even offers an optional pickup service for used diapers. In 21 cities, the company will come straight to a family's doorstep before taking the diapers to a facility where they're composted properly. 

The use of bamboo was also a conscious choice to make the product more eco-friendly. Since bamboo grows quickly without fertilizer, it's easy and safe to renew. By comparison, the oil used to make plastic for other diapers is limited and irreplaceable. 

DYPER founder Serio Radovcic summed up the company's mission this way: "We can't solve every problem, but are trying to do our part to be part of the solution," he told Inhabitat. "We do believe that if we can build a better diaper that can be safely composted, we can move in the right direction."

How bamboo diapers help parents

In addition to offering convenient pickup for used diapers, DYPER also delivers fresh ones on a schedule or as you order them — with delivery times as fast as four hours in major cities. 

In addition, DYPER's products are made without latex, alcohol, chlorine, lotion, phthalates, TBT, dyes, or scents. This makes them incredibly gentle and safe for a baby's sensitive skin. They're designed for a comfortable fit that stops leaks but doesn't limit movement, making them the perfect choice for a baby learning to turn over, crawl, and walk.

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