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Homeowner shares gorgeous transformation photo after 'killing off' their grass last year: 'Replanted the entire backyard'

"The main seed mix was created by the OSU beekeeping association."

One year after killing their backyard grass, this Redditor is enjoying an incredible variety of flowers and the pollinators that visit them.

Rewilding is a growing trend among homeowners looking for a low-cost, low-water, low-maintenance way to beautify their yards — and to support the local environment in the process. To do it, they replace their grass with plants native to their surroundings, sometimes turning to experts like Yardzen to make sure they're getting true native plants.

If you're worried that it might be a long process, this Redditor showed just how simple it can be. 

"Killed off the turf last year and replanted the entire backyard with a native pollinator mix," they explained in a comment. "The main seed mix was created by the OSU beekeeping association. I also used another native mix, both available from opnseed.com."

Backyard pollinator mix
Photo Credit: u/Logosmonkey / Reddit

With just one application of the premade seed mix, their backyard came alive. 

"Only had blanket flower the first year but now in the second year I have at least a half dozen varieties blooming!" they said.

The picture they shared of their new backyard shows lush growth that seems ready to overflow the space. 

"While it doesn't look like it, there are paths cut through to walk around," they said in another comment.

The way these plants flourished is actually not surprising. Since native plants are adapted to the area they evolved in, they need very little care, water, or fertilizer to thrive. Not only does this save time and money, it means there's no chemical runoff from the yard to pollute the environment. Meanwhile, local wildlife, including vital pollinators like bees and butterflies, can use the plants for food and shelter.

"Looks amazing!" said one commenter. "What strategy did you use to kill the turf?"

The original poster said that they regretted using a pesticide, adding, "I would have preferred a non-chemical solution." 

A helpful commenter said, "You could have just covered it all in tarp and come back 6 weeks later to the same result." The original poster said they would do that when they were ready to convert their front yard.

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