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Gardener shares before-and-after photos of their stunning backyard transformation: 'I can hardly believe it's the same space'

"You have truly brought this garden to life!"

"You have truly brought this garden to life!"

Photo Credit: Reddit

A gardener from England created their own personal Garden of Eden, sharing before-and-after photos of their impressive yard transformation in the r/GardeningUK subreddit.

The first photo reveals a boring grass lawn and a stone patio area that could use some TLC. In the next six photos, the yard looks practically unrecognizable. 

"You have truly brought this garden to life!"
Photo Credit: Reddit
"You have truly brought this garden to life!"
Photo Credit: Reddit

Where the lawn and patio meet, there's a wooden archway with a cobblestone path surrounded by gorgeous potted plants and flowers. 

The OP also added a nice sitting area on the patio, including a wooden bench, table, and chair set. Greenery and trellises line the fence around the yard to complete the transformation.

In the comments, the poster said the climbing plants along the fence include various types of clematis, climbing roses, and evergreen jasmine. They also mentioned planting eucalyptus, a mature fig tree, and standard roses. 

Commenters were blown away by the garden, which the poster said took two years to complete.

"Wow, I was not expecting that! The difference between the first image and the second looks like different gardens," one person wrote

Installing a garden, especially with native plants, provides numerous benefits for your wallet, mental health, and the planet. 

For one, native lawns can help you avoid tedious, expensive lawn care and watering since they've adapted to the local climate over thousands of years. The savings on water and chemical controls can add up to nearly $400 a year. 

In addition, planting native flowers attracts pollinators to your yard, providing them with a healthy ecosystem and helping humans since we rely on them to pollinate the food crops we eat. 

If you want a lawn that requires the least maintenance possible, planting clover or buffalo grass is your best bet. 

As a bonus, adding tons of greenery to your yard can help reduce the carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, making your backyard and surrounding area a bit cooler. 

"F****** wow OP!!! I can hardly believe it's the same space. Amazing job," one user complimented.

"Now THAT is what you call a before and after! OP, that is an absolutely outstanding job you've done there, you should be so proud. You've turned a sad sterile small looking plot into a glorious, verdant English garden paradise," another said.

"Wow! You have truly brought this garden to life!" someone else said.

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