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Gardener shares before-and-after photos after getting rid of 'evil' lawn: 'I was concerned ... but only got compliments'

"What you're doing is amazing."

“What you're doing is amazing."

Photo Credit: u/Yodas_ghost_child/ Reddit

One gardener on Reddit just demonstrated what an incredible difference even baby steps can make when redesigning your yard.

A lot of homeowners are rethinking the idea of a plain grass lawn around their homes. While it's traditional, it takes a lot of water to maintain, and regular mowing is a drain on time and energy. Plus, humans can't digest grass, and it doesn't even produce flowers for pollinators to feed.

That's why vegetable gardens are a popular alternative. They provide delicious, free produce, encourage owners to exercise and get fresh air, and even enrich the soil and purify the air.

While some homeowners have gotten enthusiastic about ripping out their lawns to make room for productive plants, this Redditor wasn't ready to jump into the deep end. Instead, their post, titled "Slow progress getting rid of lawn," documents the first of what they say will be many changes to their previously "evil" lawn.

"Front yard: turned 12x12 into a raised bed," they explained. "Back yard: I used the cardboard technique and made a little garden path on the way to the compost."

Photo Credit: u/Yodas_ghost_child / Reddit

They included pictures of the project, starting with simple stakes in their lawn marking out the space for the new beds. The second image shows the beds fully built and ready for planting; in the fourth, gigantic squash plants cascade over the sides of the first box, threatening to overwhelm the smaller plants in the neighboring space. "Underestimated the amount of space squash need," said the original poster with a laughing emoji.

In the second set of photos, the Redditor reduces the grass in the backyard to make room for mulch beds, ferns, and rose of Sharon trees. In the end, the space actually looks larger and much more inviting.

The Redditor admitted to being worried about breaking up their lawn. "I was concerned neighbors would be annoyed by the garden, but only got compliments," they said. "Hoping to expand next year."

Commenters were supportive of the start of this homeowner's journey. "What you're doing is amazing and it's a step by step approach for most," one user reassured them.

"I have lived in my house for five years and I am still working on getting rid of my lawn," said another user. "Every year I've expanded existing beds by a foot or two and/or dug new beds."

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