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Pet owner reveals how your old clothes can actually help keep animals healthy and safe: 'It's a lower stress option'

"If you have a zillion unmatched socks, call your vet and see if they want them before tossing them out!"

Baby socks

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There seems to be no end of baby clothes to find space for when you're a new parent, and when one sock from every pair goes missing, the waste starts to pile up.

Luckily, one pet owner has discovered a way to get rid of your unmatched baby socks without throwing them straight in the trash. 

Posting to the r/ZeroWaste subreddit, the Redditor described a recent visit to their vet, where they saw a sign requesting baby socks.

It turns out that vets can use baby socks to cover surgical sites and stop the dogs they treat from scratching at their wounds.

"If you have a zillion unmatched socks, call your vet and see if they want them before tossing them out!" the Redditor wrote.

This is handy information for parents, even if all their socks are paired. At the rate that babies grow, it can feel like you're constantly building up a mountain of old baby clothes that no longer fit, which you can't throw out fast enough. 

Using old baby clothes to look after injured pets is a heartwarming solution, and the fact that it helps the planet is a great bonus.

Babies outgrow their clothes far faster than the rest of us — the average baby grows through seven clothing sizes in their first two years.

One study found that we send an estimated 183 million items of kids' clothes to landfills a year, most of which could be salvaged. Another study found that 64% of used baby clothes do not have stains or holes, so they are in perfectly good and hygienic condition for other uses.

Parents can't thank the Redditor enough for their tip in the comments — while others have weighed in about what else can be donated to surgeries. 

"I have like 25 of those things sitting around waiting for uses, appreciate the tip!" wrote one Redditor.

"Not just socks! My cat just had surgery and he had to wear a baby onesie to protect the surgery site. It's a lower stress option than cones for many pets," another shared

"Old bedding and towels are also good things to donate to the vet as they can be used for crates when a pet needs to be under observation," another commenter suggested.

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