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Shopper stunned by what they found inside $5.50 case at thrift shop: 'Beautiful find'

"Holy crap!"

Art supplies

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Anyone who has ever dreamed of becoming an artist has probably been faced with the overwhelming cost of supplies. While they don't make or break the artist, having a wide range of mediums to experiment and create with can boost motivation and keep aspiring artists working toward their dreams. 

One Redditor showed you don't need to go to expensive art stores to find art materials. Instead, you just have to keep an eye out in the thrift stores. They found a case full of art supplies at their local Goodwill, and it was all only $5.50. 

The Reddit post showed a picture of an art case filled with colored pencils, paints, oil pastels, brushes, and more. This exact case would retail for around $65, and this Redditor got the whole thing for a fraction of the cost.

Art supplies
Photo Credit: u/amigammon / Reddit

Judging from the photo, the art supplies look barely used, if not completely new. With this range of supplies, the Redditor can create copious amounts of art. 

Art supplies can be expensive, so companies will often make sets and packs like the one shown in this post. They're popular among kids and teenagers, and they make a great gift. 

One commenter remarked, "I remember having this exact kit when I was younger." 

The original poster eagerly replied, "Show us what you've done." Unfortunately, we have yet to see some of the art produced by the commenter. 

The original $65 is still a high price for some, and the wide range of supplies included in the box could mean that some of the tools go unused.

Buying secondhand (and at an extremely low price) lowers the risk of investing so much into a hobby. If the new owner of this set finds they like paint more than colored pencils, they won't have wasted as much money. 

Since they bought this second-hand at a thrift store, they also don't have to worry that they bought a new product only for it to be wasted. 

One commenter shared their love for this thrift haul, remarking, "Holy crap! Beautiful find." 

There's something so exciting about this particular thrift find since it opens up the possibility for creativity for the original poster. 

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