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Gardener demonstrates foolproof method to keep pests away from your plants: 'This is a prime example'

"Wow this is so interesting!"

“Wow this is so interesting!”

Photo Credit: @theeverhopefulgardener / Instagram

If you've ever worked in the garden with your spouse who knows way more about plants than you do, you may have made a few mistakes. Maybe you dug up perennials, planted rocks thinking they were potatoes, or didn't water the herbs because you thought they were weeds.

Regardless of what your past gardening experiences may have been, Amanda (@theeverhopefulgardener) may have a tip for you that will impress any green thumb.

The scoop

After transplanting a milkweed plant, Amanda noticed that it wasn't doing too well and started attracting aphids. The healthy milkweed plant, just three feet away, was insect-free. Amanda suggests that "this is a prime example of insects preferring unhealthy plants." 

"Given the choice, insects will gravitate towards plants that are unhealthy versus plants that are healthy," she says. In Amanda's case, the aphids are feeding on the weaker, unhealthy plant. This helps maintain the natural balance in her garden and allows the healthy milkweed plant to thrive.

How it's helping

Some insects specifically target plants that are diseased or unhealthy. Allowing these insects to consume these plants can act as a form of natural pest control, reducing the need for chemical pesticides that can harm the environment.

As unpleasant as they can be, insects are a crucial part of any ecosystem, and their interactions with plants contribute to a healthy and diverse ecosystem. Amanda's experience could be something to try before turning to pesticides to rid your garden of bugs.

What everyone's saying

Many were incredibly grateful for the tip. "Wow this is so interesting!" one fan wrote. 

Other commenters shared their aphid horror stories and their own plans after watching Amanda's video: "I was thinking of sacrificing a couple of broccoli as trap plants but will probably lose the nerve and hose the aphids off when I get a chance."

Hopefully, the next time you're in the garden with your significant other, this tip will make you look good, too.

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