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Sustainability expert reveals what we should actually be doing with our used aluminum foil: 'I never thought about [that]'

The size of your aluminum foil ball is vital for the machinery at recycling plants.

Aluminum foil recycling

Photo Credit: @ ecowithrada/ Instagram

As people become increasingly conscious of their own impact on the Earth, they're often on the lookout for clever hacks that allow them to make a difference in their daily life. 

If you want to reduce the amount of waste you're sending to the landfill, a great place to start is in your kitchen.

The scoop 

Eco-friendly Instagrammer Rada (@ecowithrada) posted a video showing how she prepares her aluminum foil for recycling

In it, she asks her many followers, "Are you recycling your leftover foil properly?"

Only a few people know that tin foil can be recycled with other tin products, like the kind we use to wrap chocolates or cook our favorite frozen foods. Rada's video shows the correct recycling preparation method for tin foil and helps spread awareness to those eager to make a climate-conscious change in their daily lives.

How it works 

After using aluminum foil, wash off any food waste remnants and store them in a jar or other container. Once you've saved enough to create a tennis ball-sized mass of foil, pop it into your tin recycling bin during the next recycling day.

The size of your aluminum foil ball is vital for the machinery at recycling plants — anything less than the video specified may be deemed garbage, so save your tin until the ball it forms is correctly sized.

Reusing and recycling tin foil can save a tremendous amount of energy. It takes just one pound of recycled aluminum to save seven kilowatt-hours of energy — that's enough energy to run a television for almost five hours. Every pound of tin foil recycled can reduce air-polluting gases thanks to the energy it saves.

What everyone's saying

Rada's video has reached hundreds, and many were ecstatic to learn that they can change their usual recycling routine with this aluminum foil recycling hack.

"Gonna start keeping mine in a jar, such a good idea," one user said

Storing your aluminum foil in a glass jar will ensure you won't forget about your foil waste, and it keeps your foil from cluttering your space.

This hack is especially handy around holiday times, as leftovers can be a recipe for aluminum waste. Rada's video can finally guide those curious about how to deal with this holiday waste excess. 

"Yessss," said another enthused user. "A lot of people don't realise it can be recycled! And especially with all the foil at Easter save it and recycle it."

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