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Plant expert calls out customers' disrespectful behavior at garden store: 'This is horrible'

"I didn't even know people did that."

"I didn't even know people did that."

Photo Credit: TikTok

A plant guru's warning sparked frustration on TikTok as she called out shoppers' disrespectful behavior. In the video, ATLPlantRoom (@atlplantroom) shows destroyed plant leaves after another customer prematurely opened them. 

The self-described plant parent noticed the damaged plant while shopping at her local garden store and browsing the selection of albo monstera. The unfurled leaves were ripped in multiple spots, causing the plant to be severely misshapen. 

"Sport hunters, I get you want to find that albo monstera, but look what you guys do when you unfurl leaves that should not be unfurled yet," says ATLPlantRoom. "This is horrible. Stop!"

@atlplantroom There is not a single reason we should be destroying plants like this. Some variegation doesnt even show until the leaf hardens off. What if it was a sport and you just destroyed it ripping it apart. STOP! #sporthunting #sportmonstera #monsterasportvariegated #monsterasport ♬ original sound - ATLPlantRoom

Sport variegation occurs when a plant randomly develops a new leaf with a varied design. Sport hunters find this unique leaf variegation attractive and try to find albo monstera that have spotted leaves. However, some sport hunters ruin unopened leaves by trying to determine if the new blooms are variegated. 

ATLPlantRoom's video catalyzed a discussion surrounding climate awareness and environmental respect. 

"There is not a single reason we should be destroying plants like this," reads the caption. "Some variegation doesn't even show until the leaf hardens off."

Albo monstera leaves have a unique blooming process in which they unfurl from the plant's stem. Prematurely opening the leaves not only damages the leaves but also hinders the plant's growth

When customers ruin the plant leaves, stores are forced to discard the damaged plants, which ultimately increases the price of the remaining albo monstera. Destroying the plants also impacts the environment as it wastes the energy spent growing, shipping, and maintaining the plants in the store.

The disrespectful behavior highlighted in the video demonstrates the importance of spreading awareness and respect for nature. 

TikTokers were disappointed to learn customers carelessly destroyed the house plants.

"Seriously destroying plants," commented one user. "Gently checking the foliage is one thing but opening new leaves???"

"I didn't even know people did that. I assumed it was just shipping damage," wrote another TikToker.

"Sometimes it is but that first leaf I watched someone rip open a few days ago while sport hunting myself," responded ATLPlantRooms. "They ruined five whole plants."

"I hear you loud and clear," commented another user. "Why destroy a plant's new leaves to check? If you don't see it on the stem, it isn't likely to be. Thank you for saying this!!!"

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