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Farmer shares how she easily got unlimited supply of animal bedding for free: 'This is genius'

With minimal effort and no additional cost, anyone can implement this hack.

With minimal effort and no additional cost, anyone can implement this hack.

Photo Credit: TikTok

A new solution to both waste reduction and cost-saving has been shared by one savvy farmer who has cracked the code on providing bedding for their chicken coop without spending a dime. By repurposing everyday household waste like mail, paper, cardboard, and food packaging, this ingenious hack not only keeps chickens comfortable, but also minimizes landfill-bound trash.

The scoop

Shared by Hastings Corner Farm and Garden (@hastingscorner) on TikTok, the video demonstrates the transformation of trash into functional coop bedding. The magic begins with a simple yet effective process. Utilizing a shredder, household waste such as mail, paper scraps, cardboard, and food packaging is shredded into fluffy, absorbent bedding for the chickens. 

@hastingscorner $0/month on our chickens bedding. This is also of the many ways we reduce, reuse and recycle every day in and around our garden. Do you want to try this?? #shreddedpaperbedding #coop #chickencoophack #coophack #chickenlady #backyardchickens #chickenkeeping #nestingbox #gardenhack ♬ Sunshine - WIRA

"This bedding gives off virtually no dust in the coop and when it needs to be changed out, it can be taken right over to our compost pile," they shared in the voice-over.

With minimal effort and no additional cost, anyone can implement this hack to provide cozy accommodations for their feathered friends while being sustainable.

How it's helping

This hack offers a multitude of benefits, starting with significant cost savings for chicken owners. On average, a person produces 650 pounds of paper waste a year in the United States. This equates to nearly 20 bags of large hemp bedding a year. By repurposing household waste, individuals can eliminate the need to purchase bedding materials. 

Reusing paper also helps us reduce waste significantly. When we opt for reusing items like paper, we're not only cutting down on the amount that ends up in landfills, but we're also conserving the energy and resources it takes to produce new paper. This can mean fewer trees being cut down, less energy used in the manufacturing process, and a reduction in pollution from the production and disposal of paper products. 

Whether it's turning old newspapers into wrapping paper, reusing paper bags, or even crafting with scrap paper, there are countless ways to give paper a second life.

As shared by the farmer, this bedding can be conveniently composted, further closing the loop on waste management and promoting sustainability.

What's everyone saying

Reactions to this eco-friendly and budget-conscious hack have been overwhelmingly positive, with social media users praising its simplicity and effectiveness. 

One user exclaims, "This is genius thankyou for helping our environment!!!" 

Another adds on to the list of benefits: "We have used this for a couple of years, the other bonuses are bugs/worms like to get between the paper and the soil. Chicken snacks."

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