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Employee sparks heated discussion after sharing company's bizarre new policy: 'My work came out with this fun restriction …'

"My office encourages us …"

"My office encourages us ..."

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In a recent viral post, a company's winter cycling policy ignited a fiery discussion, drawing attention to the intersection of workplace regulations and environmental impact. 

A Redditor shared the text of a new company policy, which prohibits employees from riding bicycles to work during snowy or icy conditions unless specific tire requirements are met.

"My work came out with this fun restriction…" they wrote in an anti-car subreddit, attaching an image of the new notice.

"My office encourages us ..."
Photo Credit: Reddit
"My office encourages us ..."
Photo Credit: Reddit

In the policy, the company emphasized its responsibility to ensure the safety of its employees. The new rule states that riding bicycles within the company premises is strictly prohibited under snowy conditions unless specific tire requirements are met. 

This post sparked a discussion about the rights of cyclists and the environmental ramifications of the policy. If a company is restricting cycling during certain weather conditions, it may inadvertently discourage environmentally friendly transportation choices.

"This is all b******* … Somebody was riding a bike and was hurt on your property and sued and they won," one commenter speculated.

Cycling is a sustainable alternative to car commuting because it doesn't produce pollution, and it improves physical wellness. Choosing to bike instead of drive even short distances can add up to significant savings — potentially up to 1.6 billion gallons of fuel each year, according to the Adventure Cycling Association

Plus, using existing roads for bike paths could contribute to less construction, which helps protect our natural areas. And there's a financial bonus too: Biking is cheaper than driving.

Many of the commenters responded by sharing anecdotes about how biking can be beneficial. One reminisced about biking to work during a snowstorm, highlighting the reliability of cycling as a mode of transportation.

"During the polar vortex in 2021, my city got nearly 10" of snow. … Essentially, the WHOLE CITY was shut down. That morning, I made my tea, biked to work, and opened the store. Ace Hardware was the only store open that day," they wrote. "The point is my boss drives a massive truck and couldn't make it, I, on a bicycle, made it no problem."

Other commenters suggested that the company's concerns could have been addressed in a more educational way.

"By contrast, my office encourages us to bike, including to/from project meetings or fieldwork. They make us review best safety practices and sign saying we won't bike drunk, will always use hand signals, will wear a helmet, and will not wear headphones," they said

In a reply, another commented: "That's the right answer. Education and embracing cycling."

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