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Target customer shocked by new product found in store's cleaning aisle: 'That's a marketing scam'

"Kroger and Amazon are more expensive for the same size."

Windex Dissolve product on Target shelves

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A Reddit user spotted a planet-friendly and budget-friendly cleaning product essential at Target.

The photo, shared to the r/ZeroWaste subreddit, shows off a box of concentrated Windex Dissolve pods. The product contains two glass cleaner refill pod concentrates.

"Saw this in Target," the Redditor writes.

Photo Credit: u/africanalesbiana10 / Reddit

The box of pods says the product uses 94% less plastic with every refill, and each box contains the equivalent of two 26-ounce bottles of Windex window and glass cleaner.

Concentrates can save you money because they eliminate excess weight — in this case, that's water and plastic. The two refill pods cost just $4.99 and the single bottle of Windex pictured next to them in the Redditor's photo costs $3.99. While that may seem like the better deal at first glance, you'd save money by purchasing the two pods instead of the single bottle.

Concentrated cleaning products also cut down on plastic, which is a big win for the planet as plastic is a leading source of landfill waste at about 18.5% and makes up 80% of marine debris.

One Redditor says they were surprised it took this long to bring concentrated packs to consumers. 

"They've had these in the industrial supplies part of the market forever," they write. "They're handy, glad consumers can finally use them too!"

Another Redditor did some sleuthing on the price. 

"This is a good deal too," they write. "Just checked and Kroger ($6.50) and Amazon ($7.50) are more expensive for the same size."

While it's certainly a good deal, another Redditor chimed in to say you can save even more money with a simple hack

"Even better, don't buy 'window cleaner.' There's nothing special about your windows that they require a specialized cleaner. That's a marketing scam," they write. "Just use vinegar and water, and either a clean lint-free cloth without fabric softener on it or newspaper."

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