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Waffle House set to make electrifying change to select store locations — here's what you need to know before your next visit

Construction is scheduled to start this year.

"Kudos to the park — it looks like a lovely place to spend time."

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EnviroSpark, an electric vehicle charging company, is installing four National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) program DC fast chargers at a Waffle House in Lakeland, Tennessee, northeast of Memphis.

Electrek reported that the NEVI Formula program requires EV charging stations to be available every 50 miles and within one mile of the Alternative Fuel Corridor. Each station must have four ports capable of simultaneous charging and 24-hour accessibility. Food, beverages, restrooms, and shelter will be available at all stations.

In this first round of NEVI awards, Waffle House is the only restaurant of the 10 projects selected out of 167 applicants, reported Electrek. Construction is scheduled to start this year as Tennesse expands its EV charging network.

The traditional gas-powered transportation industry is a major contributor to the overheating of our planet, accounting for around 30% of all Earth-warming air pollution annually, per the Union of Concerned Scientists.

The Environmental Defense Fund reported that studies show that a midsized EV produces between 60% and 68% less harmful pollutants over the vehicle's life than a gas-powered car.

With charging being one of the bigger consumer concerns when looking to transition to an EV, these stations are more inviting for first-time buyers. 

The more stations there are, the more convenient and cheaper EVs will become for the average driver. Anything that encourages more EVs on the road benefits the consumer and the environment. 

"We are honored to partner on such a pivotal project with a fellow Georgia business and an iconic brand like Waffle House," said EnviroSpark CEO Aaron Luque, as per Autobody News. "This collaboration exemplifies the commitment of both companies and the state of Tennessee to drive sustainability and innovation in convenient ways for EV drivers."

Gabe Klein, executive director of the Joint Office of Energy and Transportation, was quoted by Electrek saying: "Tennessee has shown true leadership in state agency coordination … building a strong foundation for the state's EV charging network."

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