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Unfortunate Russian electric car design sparks a flurry of jokes online: 'I'm sure there have been uglier cars'

"Something about the idea of driving this thing around just makes me sad."

"Something about the idea of driving this thing around just makes me sad."

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While any electric car should be welcomed, considering such models are far better for the environment than vehicles that are powered by dirty fuel, one new Russian design has not received the reception its creators may have hoped for.

The "Amber" prototype designed by Moscow Polytechnic University at the request of the Avtotor plant in Kaliningrad has been the subject of memes for its unusual look that hasn't set the hearts of motorists racing. 

Unsurprisingly, Ukrainians have been particularly brutal, as Ukraine was invaded by Russia in February 2022, and the war is ongoing.

The New Voice of Ukraine collected some of the memes, with one jokingly describing the red, haunted-looking bulbous box as a "Tesla killer." 

It also drew comparisons to the Fiat Multipla, which had an unusual hood design that almost looked like it had been drawn by a toddler. 

The Avtotor plant used to deliver BMWs, Hyundais, Kias, and Fords until Russia's invasion of Ukraine, per the New Voice, but Reuters noted it has since started producing cars for Chinese brand Kaiyi after those companies removed their presence from the country. 

And while the potential development of a clean electric car should be good news in a country known for its production and reliance on dirty energy, there are some things you just can't unsee. 

Electrek, in particular, enjoyed poking fun at the unsightly Amber.

"I'm sure there have been uglier cars, but something about the idea of driving this thing around just makes me sad — like opening a can of Pringles and discovering they got all wet and congealed into a vile potato slurry," writer David Ruddock quipped. 

"It looks like a fish dressed up as a bread van for Halloween," he added.

The comments section was similarly scathing. One user pointed to Tesla's polarizing Cybertruck in response to Ruddock's assertion that there have been uglier cars.

"It will sell better if they tint the windows so the driver isn't embarrassed," another added

The design is supposed to be a prototype, with its classification expected to be a "large quadricycle" when it gets to the production phase in 2025, according to Ruddock. 

Designers will hope that any future versions of the Amber will be greeted with less hilarity. 

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