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Woman shares frustrations with invasive trend overwhelming TikTok feed: 'I've started blocking people'

"The second I see a shop link, I'm out."

"The second I see a shop link, I'm out."

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A woman's video calling out TikTok Shop raised awareness about overconsumption and the rise of marketing ads.

In a viral video, TikToker Taryn Lamb (@therealtarnanlamb) called out influencers trying to coax internet users into purchasing products through TikTok Shop. 


these hooks are TIREDDDDD FR

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TikTok Shop is an e-commerce addition to the video app that allows creators to promote and sell items through in-feed videos. 

Taryn explains how the "I bought it on TikTok Shop, so you don't have to" trend is not only toxic but also wasteful. 

"I was never buying it in the first place," says Taryn, writing in the caption, "These hooks are TIREDDDDD."

Gaining over 20,000 views, Taryn's video sparked a discussion regarding the oversaturation of these promotional videos, as internet users agreed that TikTok Shop is becoming invasive. 

"I refuse to ever buy from TikTok Shop," responded one user.

"Someone finally speaks up," wrote another TikToker.

The rise in promotional videos advertising TikTok Shop has led to a decline in the app's experience for TikTok users. Instead of watching educational or entertaining videos, TikTokers' feeds are flooded with the Shop ads. 

According to a recent article from Distractify, Taryn is not the only TikToker annoyed by the ads. Users across the app have been voicing their frustrations, claiming the advertisements are not only reducing the app's appeal but also spreading a lack of brand trust in the marketed products. 

Many of the items listed on TikTok Shop have incredibly low prices, with some products priced as low as $0.50. Since many of the items are manufactured overseas, the cheap prices suggest the products will come with a high environmental cost

The counterfeit items promoted across TikTok Shop encourage fast fashion and consumerism, both of which generate lots of dirty energy-linked pollution, contributing to the planet's rising temperatures. There's a solution for people who want affordable fashion, however. Many have turned to thrifting, snagging great deals on higher-quality items. 

"I've started blocking people as well because I'm so over it," wrote one user. 

"The second I see a shop link, I'm out," commented another TikToker.

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