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This shoe company will pay you up to $65 for a shoebox full of your old clothes — here's how it works

Thousand Fell will now take the clothing you no longer want through its SuperCircle program

Fell shoes SuperCircle program

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With brands advertising their products in virtually every direction you turn, it can be challenging to choose stylish, affordable fashion that's as good for our planet as it is for your vibe.

Thankfully, there are brands on the scene that tick both of those boxes. Let us tell you about one of our faves: Thousand Fell.

The company creates zero-waste footwear in a closed loop, making fashionable shoes that are 100% recycled — and recyclable.

Not limited to a circular shoe economy, Thousand Fell will now take the clothing you no longer want through its SuperCircle program and reward you with credit toward brand-new gear. 

How does SuperCircle work?

When you buy a pair of Thousand Fell shoes, you will receive footwear designed in NYC and made from locally-sourced materials in a family-owned factory in Brazil. 

Enjoy your shoes, show them off, and tell their story. When you're done wearing them, Thousand Fell will take them back. 

Just mail them in with a prepaid shipping label, and the company will do one of two things: refurbish your kicks and give them to someone in need with the help of their partner Soles4Soles, or break them down and make recycled raw materials from the components to be reintroduced into their supply chain.

You get a credit to apply to your next Thousand Fell order as a reward for making an effort to divert from the landfill and give your shoes another life.

Then, through the SuperCircle program, you can also put your unwanted clothes of any brand in your TF shoebox and send them over. You'll get credit for the items you send in (up to $65!), which can be used toward your next purchase of a pair of shoes.

The global fashion faux pas

The fashion industry is responsible for a reported 8-10% of global toxic gas pollution, and more than 90 million tons of textile waste are produced yearly. Unclaimed donations languish in places like Chile's Atacama Desert, a wasteland for unsold, unused, unnecessary textiles.

The world doesn't need more fast fashion, but we do need clothing and shoes. We need brands to establish a circular economy and sustainable practices to minimize our impact on the Earth's resources.

It's no wonder Thousand Fell touts "The Better Sneaker for a Better Tomorrow."

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