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Bike shop eliminates electricity bills after installing Tesla power packs: 'Immediate cost savings'

"It really is a no brainer."

"It really is a no brainer."

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A bike shop company on the other side of the world has eliminated its electric bill thanks to sun power via Tesla Powerwalls

Hadley Cycles' Australian success story is an example of how the unique power packs can be used to save thousands of dollars. Better yet, it's a method that applies to businesses and households alike — already installed at hundreds of thousands of locations globally. 

"That is awesome. It really is a no brainer to pair a battery with your solar to make the most of it and reduce costs," one X, formerly known as Twitter, user commented on a post from Tesla about the system Down Under. X is owned by Tesla co-founder Elon Musk

At Hadley, electricity was costing the Australian company more than $33,000 (almost USD 21,000) a year. The leadership there looked to Powerwalls, coupled with a solar panel system, as a solution. 

"They saw immediate cost savings," per the Tesla clip. 

In fact, three units are providing enough solar power to operate a whole bike shop. What's more, the Powerwalls have paid for themselves in energy savings after just three years, all according to Tesla. 

Electrek reported last year that Tesla had installed 500,000 Powerwalls worldwide. They look like rectangular boxes, often mounted on the side of a home for domestic use. Solar panels provide renewable energy for the battery. There's even an app that lets the user monitor the system. 

Powerwalls should last for more than two decades and can cost from around $9,000 to $11,500, depending on the type, installation options, and solar package the buyer selects, according to a MarketWatch report. The article also noted that federal tax credits could provide a 30% savings stateside. 

They are a smaller version of Tesla's Megapacks, designed for large-scale renewable energy storage. Combined, the impressive tech is unlocking ways to store sustainable energy for home and industry, with cost-saving results. 

At Hadley, the return on investment was realized quickly. 

Another X user summed up the Aussie bike company case study aptly, albeit succinctly, in the Tesla clip

"Neat," one viewer posted

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