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Video shows Tesla Model S Plaid go head-to-head with $600K Lamborghini: 'So easy to make supercars look slow'

"We have 2 cars that can do the 1/4 mile in under 10 seconds."

"We have 2 cars that can do the 1/4 mile in under 10 seconds."

Photo Credit: YouTube

Tesla's electric vehicles obviously beat traditional gas-powered cars and hybrids when it comes to fuel savings — but did you know that they can also outperform luxury sports cars that cost hundreds of thousands of dollars on many criteria?

A new video from Carwow shows off the Tesla Model S Plaid's capabilities against the Lamborghini Revuelto, which costs $600,000. TeslaRati calls the races "cool and insane" and notes that the Tesla has 1,020 horsepower and 1,420 Newton-meters (Nm) of torque, while the hybrid Revuelto has 1,051 horsepower and 1,070 Nm of torque. The Model S weighs 4,828 pounds, and the Revuelto weighs 4,450 pounds, according to data the outlet cites from Car and Driver. 

Contrary to what you may expect, Tesla's family sedan outpaces the Revuelto in quarter-mile races and some half-mile races, despite the fact that the vehicle costs over six times the Model S price of $87,990. The results of the races were so surprising that the drivers once wondered if the Tesla driver jumped the gun at the beginning, only to find that the launch was by the book.

Tesla's work to popularize electric vehicles for the masses is an important part of fighting rising global temperatures, as traditional gas-guzzling vehicles produce a ridiculous 10,000 pounds of planet-heating pollution every year. Conversely, EVs get their power from the grid, which means they produce far less carbon per mile of use than petrol, and they also require less maintenance.

Other exciting updates in the company's recent history and future pipeline include the upcoming release of the Tesla Roadster, the introduction of autonomous braking that keeps drivers safe, and the eventual production of a new, more affordable vehicle that will allow even more drivers to buy EVs.

Commenters expressed their astonishment at the races' results.

"The fact we have a 'sedan' that can go this fast is insane. We have 2 cars that can do the 1/4 mile in under 10 seconds. WOW!" one user commented on the YouTube video. 

"It's still amazing to me how d*** fast the Plaid really is…just so easy to make supercars look slow," another user wrote.

"Even S Plaid can beat almost supercar now, I can't imagine what roadster 2 that come out next year will be able to do," a third user said.

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