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Top EV models go head-to-head in ultimate range test with frigid temperatures — see how Tesla stacked up against the competition

“Some of the cars were still able to assess the battery’s sufficiency really well, and some stopped unexpectedly.”

"Some of the cars were still able to assess the battery's sufficiency really well, and some stopped unexpectedly."

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A Finnish newspaper tested the range of various electric cars in the winter, and Tesla beat out the rest of the competition.

Tekniikan Maailma tested 10 electric vehicles’ ranges by fully charging them and driving them until they could drive no more. The test was conducted at minus 4 degrees Fahrenheit to see which vehicles would fare best in frigid conditions, as the WLTP standard range test is conducted at around 73 F in Europe, according to Teslarati.

The outlet reported that the Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor, BMW i5 eDrive 40 M Sport, Hyundai Kona Electric 65 kWh Premium, Volkswagen ID.7 Pro Elegance, BYD Dolphin Comfort, MG4 Luxury, and others were evaluated.

Tesla’s vehicle won the battle, continuing to drive even when the battery’s display showed 0%, while the others shut down before hitting 0, and some began power-saving measures that stopped their interior heating functionality as the battery dwindled. The Tesla’s range was lower than its usual 390 miles, but it still performed better than the competition.

“The severe cold has an effect, but in the challenging weather, some of the cars were still able to assess the battery’s sufficiency really well, and some stopped unexpectedly,” said Lauri Ahtiainen, TM’s producer for distance tests. 

This is all good news for Tesla owners, especially those in colder climates. It’s not the only good news as of late for the company, either: A recent study showed that cold weather actually may increase Teslas’ batteries’ longevity, and another showed that Supercharging the vehicles doesn’t significantly affect their range, as previously believed. A recent video also showed that the company’s cars can withstand extreme heat.

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