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Data shows that Tesla is outpacing traditional carmakers in one key area — and its rivals are not even close

"With an EV, you can put that money in a piggy bank for a (possibly) never needed battery replacement."

"With an EV, you can put that money in a piggy bank for a (possibly) never needed battery replacement."

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Tesla is king in one key area compared to traditional automakers, and the news may have consumers rejoicing. 

As Electrek detailed, Consumer Reports' 2023 Annual Auto Surveys found that Tesla's vehicles have the lowest repair and maintenance costs of any auto brand.

Tesla owners spent an average of $4,035 on their electric vehicles over a 10-year span, nearly saving $1,000 compared to the second-ranked competitor, Buick. 

However, the difference in the savings became even more pronounced compared to other major automakers. Consumer Reports lists vehicles by Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, and Land Rover as requiring cumulative costs of at least $10,000 over a decade of use. 

"This is particularly impressive considering the average cost of Tesla vehicles versus the average costs of some of these brands," Electrek wrote, adding that many premium brands have pricey, mandatory maintenance programs. 

Meanwhile, Toyota, Lincoln, and Ford rounded out the top five brands with the lowest maintenance costs. 

Tesla is frequently credited with bringing electric vehicles to the mainstream market — a move lauded for its consumer- and planet-friendly implications. 

Unlike traditional gas-powered vehicles, EVs don't release tailpipe pollution that dirties our air and contributes to the dangerous rise of global temperatures. Charging an EV is also considerably cheaper than filling up a gas tank. 

Now, the latest Consumer Reports survey is highlighting the benefits of EVs once again — and the long-term perks of investing in eco-friendly solutions. 

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Tesla is well known for its electric vehicles, with many of its models made more affordable by the Inflation Reduction Act, but it has also debuted other products that make it easier for consumers to save money on everyday activities. 

For example, the company's Powerwalls enable people to save clean energy for future use, ultimately reducing electric bills, while its partnership with solar mount manufacturer IronRidge has helped reduce the cost of rooftop solar systems. 

"We are a 3 Tesla family, and yes, I agree, service costs are pretty much nil," one person wrote in the comments section of the Electrek article. "Mostly because we just never have needed any service outside of one 12v battery that was out of warranty. Tesla came to the home and replaced it at only $122. Less than the battery price at any 3rd party."

"EVs definitely save on service and maintenance, and brakes that will last at least 100,000 miles or more," another commenter agreed. " ... With an EV, you can put that money in a piggy bank for a (possibly) never needed battery replacement."

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