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Tesla unveils 'Giga Laboratory' showcasing its impressive manufacturing process: 'The magic of building a car in 45 seconds'

The Giga Laboratory is located in Chengdu, China.

Tesla's Giga Laboratory, immersive technology to build cars

Photo Credit: Electrek

Tesla has had a lot of manufacturing delays and difficulties over the past few years, with the Cybertruck, in particular, repeatedly having its release date pushed back. However, that isn't stopping the company from showing off its manufacturing capability in a brand-new immersive retail experience.

Electrek reported that Tesla has opened a store it is calling the "Giga Laboratory" in China, according to an announcement posted on the company's official Weibo page. 

Translated into English and reported by Electrek, the announcement read, "The country's first 'Tesla GIGA Laboratory' made a stunning debut. Tesla's 'Most Beautiful Store in Chengdu' unveiled the mystery: an immersive experience of the magic of 'building a car in 45 seconds.' Meet up with friends, 'Chat and take a break.'"

It is not clear if the 45 seconds refers to the length of the immersive experience or to the actual amount of time that Tesla takes to construct a car. Although 45 seconds might seem like a very hasty construction, some customers who have been unhappy with their Tesla build quality would probably not be all that surprised if that was the case.

The Electrek post also included still images of the retail store, which appears to be very white and gray.

For the most part, Electrek's commenters did not seem to be all that impressed with the EV manufacturer's new advertising strategy.

"Once again, Tesla does something that every carmaker already does, slaps GIGA on it, and everyone thinks it's revolutionary," wrote one commenter, referencing the fact that other carmakers have automated assembly processes, not immersive retail experiences around those processes.

"There's a lot of Tesla fans who think other cars, particularly legacy automakers, have a bunch of guys in Jeff caps pouring molten steel into a cast and beating it with a hammer," another commenter agreed.

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