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Tesla is now offering drivers a way to save tons of money — but the deal won't last long

Tesla is waiving the fee for overnight EV charging for new Model 3 buyers in this state.

Texas Tesla overnight charging

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An incredible new deal from Tesla gives Powerwall users in Texas a chance for big savings on a Model 3 — but only if they act fast, InsideEVs reports.

Tesla launched Tesla Electric in December, which allows Powerwall users to buy and sell affordable, non-polluting energy. 

The program, available in Texas, helps solar panel owners profit from the excess power they generate. At the same time, all Powerwall users on this plan receive power when demand is low and avoid premium prices when demand is high, lowering their energy bills.

One perk of this plan for users with multiple Tesla products is that they can receive unlimited overnight EV charging for only $30 per month, InsideEVs reveals. By charging at night, when the energy demand is low, Tesla drivers can meet most or all of their daily mileage needs for about $1 per day.

Now Tesla has announced that it will waive that already-low fee for new Model 3 buyers.

"Texas customers in eligible territories who order and pick up a new Model 3 between May 26, 2023, and June 30, 2023, will qualify for a year of free, overnight vehicle charging at home when they sign up with Tesla Electric this summer to be their retail electricity provider," the company said on its site.

Tesla also shared a helpful link to allow users to determine whether they qualify to sign up for Tesla Electric.

Qualifying buyers will save more than just the $360 for a year of charging. Tesla's prices have already dropped sharply this year, and these EVs have also won awards for being affordable to own.

Making these EVs more affordable is also good news for the climate. Gas-powered passenger cars are a major source of heat-trapping air pollution that heats up the world. EVs don't produce exhaust, so the more people switch to them, the less heat-trapping gas will enter the atmosphere.

This new deal is only good for a short time, especially since Tesla says that buyers will need to pick up their new Model 3 before the offer expires. While wait times for a Tesla have shortened this year, delivery can still take a week or more, so buyers should hurry.

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