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Tesla scrambles to introduce 'efficiency package' on select EVs after new EPA rules decrease its estimated ranges — here's what we know

"[It] raises questions about how much of that efficiency advantage is real."

"[It] raises questions about how much of that efficiency advantage is real.'

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Tesla is reportedly working on tweaks to some of its electric vehicles to gain back ground. 

Recent rule changes — imposed by the Environmental Protection Agency for testing and certifying EV range and energy efficiency — cut between seven and 37 miles off the advertised driving range for most of Tesla's EVs, as reported by Electrek.

The company is snapping back with a solution it calls "Efficiency Package 2024," intended for the Model Y, Model S, and Model X, per InsideEVS. However, the changes are still unknown.

This comes after several lawsuits were filed against the company in 2023 that alleged misleading advertising. One claimed that the automaker lied about battery range and even made range-estimating software in the cars display unrealistic ranges.

Tesla went on the defensive, releasing a list of factors it used in its range estimates. The company tweeted the list on X, formerly known as Twitter, in November 2023. It included wind speed, elevation/grade, traffic speed, average acceleration, ambient temperature, humidity, and more.

Regardless of Tesla's current range drama, the company's quest to improve EV driving distances can only benefit customers, and this will help in the transition to a cleaner transportation sector. That's good news for human health and the environment, as EVs create far less planet-warming, asthma-causing pollution than traditional vehicles.

Commenters on the Electrek article had a lot to say about the news, and many were critical of Tesla's range claims.

"The discrepancy between Tesla's EPA and real-world numbers being larger than [that of] many of its competitors raises questions about how much of that efficiency advantage is real," one person said.

Others had suggestions for the company to help increase range.

"Getting the smallest possible rims that fit is always an excellent way to maximize range — and the same goes for maximizing MPG [miles per gallon] in ICE [gas-powered] vehicles," another commenter said. "Ride comfort also improves."

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