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Mars, Snickers announce major update to iconic candy bar packaging: 'A significant milestone'

"[We have] a responsibility to reduce our environmental footprint."


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If you're a fan of candy bars, some of your favorites are about to get a face-lift in the form of packaging.

Mars Wrigley has announced exciting plans to transition a portion of its chocolate bar portfolio in Australia to a new paper-based packaging format that can be recycled using traditional methods.

Starting in April 2023, Amcor's FSC-certified paper-based packaging will be on Mars Bars, Snickers, and Milky Way in Australia. Although the packaging won't be without plastic entirely, this is a huge step for the company. 

A representative from Mars Wrigley told PKN, "Our paper-based packaging is made up of 86 percent paper, a thin plastic barrier to ensure the quality and freshness of the product is maintained, seals and inks for labeling. While the packaging features a very thin plastic barrier, it remains able to be recycled via kerbside recycling as validated by APCO's PREP tool."

Snickers will soon package many of its chocolate bars in a new, 'paper-based' wrapper: 'A significant milestone'
Photo Credit: Mars

Calling the paper transition a "significant milestone in our sustainability journey," Andrew Leaky, the general manager of Mars Wrigley Australia noted: "As one of the largest snacks and treats manufacturers in Australia, Mars has a responsibility to reduce our environmental footprint right across our business, including packaging."

Paper packaging has a solid leg up on traditional plastic, mostly because the plastic has so many environmental and health drawbacks. The clearest example of plastic's negative impact on the environment can be seen in a landfill, where packaging lies long after it's served its purpose, unable to break down. 

Plastic can also harbor many chemical additives that enhance performance properties like durability. However, these additives, which can include lead, cadmium, and mercury, may also find their way into the food inside the containers. 

Mars Wrigley is giving consumers an easy way to enjoy chocolate guilt free. With their new, paper-based wrappers, you can have your chocolate and eat it too.

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