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Motorist takes photo of yellow school bus with advertisement plastered on the side: 'This can't be real'

"And this is why I'm done with society."

"And this is why I'm done with society."

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A recent Reddit post has sparked a heated conversation about the state of school funding in America.

The image, shared to the r/ABoringDystopia community, shows a yellow school bus with a Subway advertisement plastered on its side.

"A school funding itself by selling advertising on the side of the school bus," the caption read.

"And this is why I'm done with society."
Photo Credit: Reddit

The post highlights the desperate measures some schools are seemingly taking to make ends meet. Many commenters expressed outrage at the idea of public schools relying on corporate sponsorships to stay afloat, saying that our tax dollars should be more than enough to fund education.

Others pointed out the irony of advertising fast food around children.

Many schools across the country are struggling to provide basic resources for their students. Budget cuts and inadequate funding have forced administrators to get creative with their revenue streams, even if it means partnering with private companies.

But this trend isn't just problematic from an educational standpoint — it also has serious implications for the environment.

Fast food chains like Subway are notorious for their single-use plastics and unsustainable practices. By promoting these brands to impressionable young minds, a culture of waste and consumption can be normalized.

Instead of relying on Band-Aid solutions like bus ads, investing in schools and our planet is a wiser route to take. Supporting policies that prioritize education funding and holding corporations accountable for their environmental impact are some of the ways to do so.

People have the power to create a better future for this generation and for generations to come. Children and our planet deserve nothing less. It begins with small changes in everyday life, like choosing reusable products over disposable items and supporting businesses that prioritize sustainability. 

As one Reddit commenter put it, "This can't be real."

Another added, "And this is why I'm done with society. Anything like this is a hard pass for me."

"What the f*** do I pay taxes for if my local schools are funded by private companies???" a third user chimed in.

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