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Customer shares problematic photo of discovery inside pet store's dumpster: 'This is so sickening'

"It's a travesty."

"It's a travesty."

Photo Credit: iStock

A Redditor in the r/DumpsterDiving forum uploaded an image of a dumpster filled with bags of pet food that had been noticeably cut open before being thrown away.

"What a waste," the original poster captioned the photo. 

Although the post does not name any particular business for the wasted bags of pet food, many commenters speculated that the picture was taken behind a major pet supply chain. PetSmart, in particular, was named several times in the discussion, though the poster never confirmed which store this was from.

Others brought up that the bags of kibble were tossed in the trash due to being expired or recalled, which would be unsafe to feed anyone's pets.

"It's a travesty."
Photo Credit: Reddit

Regardless of why the dry pet food was thrown away, waste is waste. These bags of pet food and their plastic packaging will end up in landfills, where decomposing organic materials like food release toxic gases like methane and carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, contributing significantly to the planet's overheating.  

If pet food is nearing its expiration date, plenty of animal shelters would likely be happy to bring the kibble to their hungry cats and dogs. 

If the food is recalled for unsafe ingredients, switching to high-quality, all-natural pet food can help you keep your furry friend safe. 

You may even consider switching to pet food made from insect protein. As strange as it sounds, insect-based pet food made from clean, farm-raised crickets or grubs has more protein, vitamins, and fiber than traditional kibble. It may even help soothe your pet's skin irritations

As a bonus to the planet, it requires less water and land to make compared to products made with beef, pork, or chicken. 

By holding companies accountable for their actions, we can help prevent future incidents of mindless waste created by harmful business practices.

Naturally, a majority of the commenters and fellow dumpster divers were appalled at the sight of the mountain of pet food going to waste.

"Why wouldn't they donate this to a local shelter?" one commenter asked. "Whether it's human food or not, it's a travesty."

"Living, breathing creatures died to make that food and now look at it. Seeing this makes me feel ill," another Redditor brought up.

"Why can't they donate this to an animal shelter or a food pantry for people's cats and dogs? This is so sickening to waste so much," a third commenter said

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