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Social media user uncovers incredible little-known fact about Actor Nick Offerman: 'Can this man be any more likable?'

"Dang, he just keeps getting cooler!"

Nick Offerman woodworking

Photo Credit : @offermanwoodshop / Instagram

Fans of Nick Offerman probably know him from his role as Ron Swanson in the hit sitcom Parks and Recreation or, more recently, from his guest role in the zombie drama The Last of Us.

Even bigger Offerman fans may know him as an avid woodworker with his own Los Angeles-based woodshop. He was even able to display some of that expertise in the reality competition show Making It, which he co-hosted with Amy Poehler.

But few know that Offerman is an environmentalist as well, as was pointed out by one Redditor on the popular r/ZeroWaste subreddit. 

"Did you know Nick Offerman is part of the No Waste Order?" they write. "Offerman Woodshop focuses on 'sustainable slab rescue' by using lumber from fallen trees!"

A quick perusal of the Offerman Woodshop website confirms this fact. Not only does Nick Offerman regularly grace our TV screens and spend his time crafting beautiful pieces of woodworking, but he also does it sustainably, using "fallen trees from our urban LA environment as well as greater California and Oregon."

An article from Uproxx goes into more detail about how Offerman Woodshop sources its materials from places like Angel City Lumber, a supplier which describes its mission as follows: "When a tree comes down in LA County, our work is to retain the worth both of the wood and the spirit of a living part of our City. By sourcing exclusively from local felled trees we reduce the externalities in production of our lumber products."

Unfortunately, some woodworkers, particularly those who like to use so-called "exotic woods" (usually from tropical climates), such as mahogany, teak, and rosewood, do not source their materials sustainably. The harvesting of these types of wood is often damaging to the ecosystem, as the woods command big prices but regrow slowly or not at all, leading to irresponsible logging practices. 

Commenters on the Reddit thread were impressed with Offerman's commitment to sustainable practices. 

"Can this man be any more likable?" wrote one commenter.

"Dang, he just keeps getting cooler!" said another.

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