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Customer raises concerns after sharing photo of order received from popular food chain: 'What a waste'

"I expected better."

"I expected better."

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Styrofoam is harmful enough for people and the environment when it's used to hold food. It leaks harmful chemicals, and at the end of its life it breaks up into microplastics, which is why it's banned in many areas. But what's even worse is when a wasteful amount of Styrofoam is used, compounding all these issues.

What happened?

A user on r/mildlyinfuriating shared their experience ordering takeout from a popular local chain, Raising Cane's. "What a waste of styrofoam for the two (2) items I ordered," they said.

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"I expected better."
Photo Credit: Reddit

Their photo showed them unwrapping their order. Inside a plastic bag are two Styrofoam containers, one of which holds a single slice of Texas toast.

The other container holds a smaller plastic container of Cane's dipping sauce — which would have fit perfectly well into the first container or could have been left outside of it.

"I expected better from Cane's," said a commenter. "This is the only fast food place that's known for good food and good and fast service."

Why does the extra Styrofoam matter?

When companies use unnecessary packaging like this, they have to pay for it somehow. They do that by raising prices on the items they sell, so buyers are paying more.

Meanwhile, restaurants shouldn't use Styrofoam at all given how bad it is for people and the environment. Styrofoam is linked to cancer and other serious health issues, and microplastics are just beginning to be understood.

What is Raising Cane's doing about this issue?

Another customer experienced the exact same issue with a container of Cane's sauce, so this isn't just an isolated incident — it seems to be policy or at least widespread practice.

According to the Raising Cane's website, the chain is committed to giving back to the community, but there is no mention of environmental concerns.

The restaurant could fix the issue by reducing packaging, switching to recyclable and biodegradable products like paper and bamboo, and working with companies like DeliverZero to incorporate reusable takeout containers.

What can I do to cut back on plastic waste?

Whenever possible, support brands that don't use plastic and Styrofoam packaging. You can also start using programs and apps that minimize waste, like DeliverZero and Too Good To Go.

In general, try to cut out disposable plastic products in your daily life. Instead, use longer-lasting alternatives; they're better for your budget and the planet.

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