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Vacationer baffled by resort's 'useless' plastic straw replacement: 'I can't wrap my head around [it]'

"Come on, people!"

"Come on, people!"

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One resort may have to rethink its supposedly eco-friendly policy after a vacationer received a frustrating object in their drink. 

In the subreddit r/CorporateFacepalm, a Redditor detailed how their resort from five years ago had banned plastic straws. So far, so good, considering that up to 8.3 billion straws may be strewn across our beaches, as reported by National Geographic

Things took a baffling turn, however, when the vacationer received "a useless plastic stick" in their drink instead. 

"The resort I'm at banned plastic straws because of the environment and whatnot. But thank goodness for these random disposable plastic sticks they throw in each drink," quipped the caption above the photo. 

"Come on, people!"
Photo Credit: Reddit

"I think it's meant to stir the drink, but they stir it with a metal spoon, then add the silly plastic thing for some reason I can't wrap my head around," the OP added

"Things like banning straws is just so they can feel good without [putting] in effort," one commenter suggested

"There are much more eco-friendly things they could do," another said

Eliminating the use of plastic straws is certainly a step in the right direction, as they take 200 years to break down, according to the World Wildlife Fund, and can hurt wildlife

The hazards don't stop there.

As detailed by Beyond Plastics, a large number of straws are made from polystyrene, a material thought to contain cancer-causing chemicals. As the straws decompose, tiny particles called microplastics can further release these toxins into our environment.

Plastic swizzle sticks, like the one received by the OP, aren't any better. 

Like straws, they are rarely recycled, with less than 10% of all plastics globally being repurposed. As the U.N. Environment Programme noted, 98% of single-use plastics are created from dirty energy, which has overwhelmingly driven the overheating of our planet

"I was smiling before I read this post, but it immediately disappeared. Come on, people!" one commenter wrote

"In my experience, biodegradable straws that look and feel like plastic straws are pretty good. Why aren't places like that just using them?" another Redditor said, highlighting a way some corporations and individuals have begun exploring alternatives to plastic

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