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Homeowner shares frustrating photos of unexpected aspect to metal shed kit: 'Every one of them is covered in this'

"My fingers hurt, boss."

"My fingers hurt, boss."

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Plastic packaging is more widely used than ever before — sometimes with frustrating results. While it can protect products, it also creates a nightmare for buyers and the environment. One Redditor was so overwhelmed by the amount of plastic on their purchase that they posted about it in the complaint subreddit r/mildlyinfuriating.

What happened?

According to this Redditor, they purchased a kit to build a metal shed. "Shed I'm building has 32 panels," they explained in their post. "Every one of them is covered in this plastic film that comes off in 3-4 inch sections."

"My fingers hurt, boss."
Photo Credit: Reddit

They included a photo of one of the metal panels, which has a clear plastic covering over the corrosion-resistant coating. Judging by the very small corner that has been peeled away, the plastic seems to be stuck firmly to the panel.

Others have run into similar problems during construction projects. For example, one electrician on Reddit posted a photo of a box full of parts in completely unnecessary plastic bags.

Why does the extra plastic matter?

Buyers who receive hardware wrapped in excessive packaging have to spend a lot of time taking it off.

"Oh gosh, I'm having flashbacks from this 'two- to three-hour project' that took up our whole weekend one time," said a user. "We still reminisce on this peeling nightmare, and I usually enjoy peeling!"

"I usually enjoy it too!" the original poster replied. "My fingers hurt, boss."

After the peeling is done, there is a lot of trash to deal with, and as the original poster pointed out, it's in small pieces that create a mess.

Those same small pieces make it impossible to recycle this type of plastic packaging because it can damage recycling equipment. Also, since different types of plastic can't be recycled together, a single one of these sheets slipping in with the wrong load could ruin the whole batch.

All of this makes it more likely that this plastic will be left on the ground instead of being disposed of properly — adding to the huge amount of plastic pollution already in the environment.

What is the provider doing about plastic waste?

According to a comment by the original poster, they purchased this shed kit at Home Depot. The Home Depot website includes a commitment to eliminate PVC film from its private-label package by 2023.

"Even before The Home Depot announced its commitment to eliminating EPS and PVC from private label packaging, our packaging engineers were working behind the scenes to improve our packaging," the company said.

It's possible that this Redditor purchased older inventory or a product from a third-party supplier.

How can I avoid excess plastic?

Look for companies that minimize plastic packaging. You can also replace other plastic products with reusable alternatives.

If you do end up with a pile of plastic trash on your hands, research what types your local recycling plant can handle and make sure to turn in the recyclable ones.

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