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Motorist sparks outrage after sharing video of ‘obnoxious’ truck they encountered on the road: ‘I feel like this should be illegal’

“I had one driving through my residential neighborhood.”

"I had one driving through my residential neighborhood."

Photo Credit: Reddit

A common advertising tactic is infuriating motorists, with mobile billboards seen as an accident waiting to happen. 

Bright, fluorescent lighting surrounding the outer walls of a truck trailer is distracting for drivers, and it’s even worse at night, when the harsh illumination makes it difficult to see your surroundings. 

It all feels unwise, especially since the billboard can change what’s on the screen regularly, making them even more likely to draw eyes to them and away from the road.

One driver captured footage from their dashcam of one of these trucks advertising AT&T’s fiber broadband, and it’s almost painful to look at, even through a computer or cell phone screen.

The video was posted to the r/ABoringDystopia with the caption: “Both sides of this truck are screens for advertisements. Never seen this before outside of Sci-Fi & immediately thought of this sub.”

“I feel like this should be illegal,” one Redditor commented. “I would find this extremely distracting while driving.”

Similar sentiments were shared throughout the comments section, with some users more furious about these types of advertising trucks that don’t even carry cargo.

“My frustration is directed mostly toward the vehicles that serve no purpose other than to deliver ads,” one user observed

It’s difficult to feel anything but contempt for these vehicles. They make driving much less safe, produce planet-warming tailpipe pollution often for no other reason than advertising, and are awful to look at because of how bright they are.

But such egregious advertisements are not just limited to the nation’s roads, as even the ocean isn’t safe from capitalism these days. Floating billboards are bothering beach-goers who are simply looking for a bit of peace. 

Judging by the comments on Reddit, moving billboards are doing the exact opposite of what they are intended to achieve and making people less likely to buy advertised products.

“Don’t drive a huge polluting vehicle into the worst traffic so you can blind and further inconvenience your captive audience,” one angry Redditor said. “Seeing a product or service advertised this way actively pushes me away from them.”

“I had one driving through my residential neighborhood, they are incredibly bright and obnoxious,” another Redditor added. “Two thumbs down from me, and I will not be using your services!”

Both sides of this truck are screens for advertisements. Never seen this before outside of Sci-Fi & immediately thought of this sub.
byu/xechasate inABoringDystopia

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