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Mercedes Benz just announced a new EV that can travel 620 miles on a single charge — all thanks to a new innovative feature

Look for the four-door sedan to be available in late 2024.

Look for the four-door sedan to be available in late 2024.

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The future of solar electric vehicles (SEVs) looks a whole lot cooler thanks to Mercedes-Benz's concept vehicle — the Vision EQXX. 

The German automaker unveiled the highly-efficient EV at the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show, and the super sleek-looking EV has notched some incredible achievements. 

The amazing aerodynamic refinements got the drag coefficient score down to 0.17, which would make it the most aerodynamic car ever produced. For reference, a typical car is somewhere in the 0.3 to 0.4 range. 

The enhanced aerodynamics working together with the 30% lighter, 100-kilowatt hour (kWh) battery allows the EQXX to travel more than 620 miles on a single charge. That range means you could drive from Los Angeles to New York City and only have to stop four times to charge it. The Lucid Air currently holds the longest range of any EV on the market, with a per-charge distance of 517 miles. 

Solar panels cover the rooftop and back window but only convert into 12-volt power, which would pretty much cover the car's internal systems. The solar panels don't add to the car's mileage, like the newly-announced Lightyear (the first commercially-available solar car), but they still save energy.

All of that sounds amazing, but don't head out to your local Mercedes dealer quite yet, because the EQXX will likely never hit the production line. The German automaker spent 18 months making the concept car, but its main purpose is to be an inspiration for electric Mercedes vehicles moving forward. 

It's been an electric start to 2023 for Mercedes, which has more than tripled its EV sales from the first quarter of 2022.

Mercedes isn't the only company experiencing an electric boom. EVs made up 10% of all new car sales in 2022, up from 8.3% in 2021. Meanwhile, the solar-powered movement is also on the verge of exploding, with one report expecting the market to grow 37% by 2030

The rising EV market is good news for the environment as we move away from gas-powered, air pollution-creating vehicles. It also means EV prices will continue to decline, making them more accessible. 

While you won't see the concept vehicle cruising the streets in your neighborhood, EQXX technology has already started making its way into a new Mercedes vehicle. The company is working on a CLA-sized EV that will get visual inspiration from the sleek-looking concept car and is expected to have similar improvements to the battery

Look for the four-door sedan to be available in late 2024.

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