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Lamborghini makes major announcement about the future of its vehicles: 'Everyone needs to contribute to achieving the objectives'

"Our aim is to establish ourselves as the premier super sports car company with an unwavering and authentic dedication."

"Our aim is to establish ourselves as the premier super sports car company with an unwavering and authentic dedication."

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In a move toward sustainability, Lamborghini has announced an expansion of their "Direzione Cor Tauri" environmental strategy. The strategy boasts a goal of reducing harmful carbon pollution by 40% per car by 2030.

In a recent announcement, Lamborghini explained that they plan to reduce carbon pollution across their entire operation — from production to manufacturing to use on the road. This announcement marks a pivotal moment for the renowned car manufacturer, which historically has been opposed to making all-electric supercars.

Despite their history, Lamborghini is now embracing electrification in their established brand of high-performance and luxury vehicles. 

"Direzione Cor Tauri is our roadmap to electrification of the Lamborghini range and the path to decarbonization," said Stephan Winkelmann, Chairman and CEO of Lamborghini. "Our mission, as a globally recognized brand, is to inspire and encourage others to tackle these modern-day challenges."

Winkelmann also said: "Within a context of major transformation, everyone needs to contribute to achieving the objectives."

The original Direzione Cor Tauri plan was released in 2021. It focuses on researching the opportunities and challenges of making electric vehicles and aims to remove as much carbon from the environment as it produces by 2050.

Lamborghini has already started to deliver on these goals by unveiling their series hybrid — a car that can run on both electricity and gas — known as the Revuelto and gearing up for the launch of their fully electric car: the Lanzador.

The expansion of Lamborghini's strategy is a significant development for several reasons. Firstly, it demonstrates a commitment from a major carbon-creating sector to embrace sustainability. Secondly, it signifies a shift toward electric mobility in the luxury car market and possibly other parts of the car market too. 

Electric vehicles produce zero carbon pollution, improving air quality and mitigating the effects of global warming.

By making their entire process of production to consumer use more environmentally friendly, Lamborghini is setting a new standard for environmental responsibility within the automotive sector. Other car companies are also innovating with electric vehicles, potentially accelerating the adoption of electric vehicles worldwide. 

"Sustainability is one of the key pillars of our corporate strategy. We aspire to be the super sports car company with the most enduring and genuine commitment to sustainability, through an overall vision of ESG issues. We have a dedicated interdepartmental team working toward the implementation of the Direzione Cor Tauri program," said Stefano Rutigliano, director of strategy at Lamborghini.

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