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Iconic brand sparks outrage with image of brand-new shoes intentionally destroyed to prevent reselling: 'It's evil'

"All to maintain an artificially high price."

New Lacoste shoes being trashed

Photo Credit: u/rabidBreakax10 / Reddit

Redditors are furious over a photo showing a footwear brand sending dozens of brand-new shoes to a landfill.

One Redditor shared a photo of a troubling bin. The bin contained dozens of surplus brand-new shoes that the vendor, which appeared to be Lacoste, had intentionally destroyed before sending the shoes to a landfill. 

"This entire bin full of brand-new, intentionally destroyed shoes, destined for landfill. All to prevent reselling and to maintain an artificially high price," wrote the Reddit user who posted the image.

One Reddit user elaborated on why a company would choose to destroy its product, writing, "Artificial scarcity and forced competition are really the only reasons why everyone around the world isn't out of basic poverty. If capitalism didn't run the world, but a system that prioritized the well-being of people [did], there'd be a higher basic level of living for everyone."

The practice of overmanufacturing garments, shoes, and similar items is all too common. In fact, the majority of garments produced annually wind up in landfills, according to Earth.org. Not only is that an inexcusable waste, but the production of those items harms the environment. 

Experts believe that if the fashion industry doesn't change its ways, by 2030 the sector will produce an estimated 2.7 billion tons of pollution-causing carbon dioxide — a heat-trapping gas that contributes to Earth's rising temperatures.

Some processes involved in garment production also contribute to water pollution. If that isn't bad enough, the fashion sector is responsible for 20% of global water waste, according to a paper published by the Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute (MDPI), citing another study.

"I really can't understand why the companies doing this wouldn't just come up with some 'look at all the good we're doing' campaign and donate them," said one Redditor.

"That really upsets me. Like a lot. Meanwhile, there are homeless people in America without a single pair of shoes, let alone all the people and children globally who don't have proper shoes. It's evil," wrote one Reddit user.

"If we can't have it neither should you," added another Redditor.

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