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Dumpster diver finds 'jackpot' discarded behind Krispy Kreme: 'Sometimes I'm just amazed'

He was shocked at what some people throw away

He was shocked at what some people throw away

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Nothing goes better with a cup of coffee than a donut. And one TikTok user is showing an unlikely source for these donuts: a dumpster. 

TikTok user Wauconda Broke Boy (@wauconda_broke_boy) shared a video of his dumpster find behind a Krispy Kreme franchise location. He noted that the dumpster full of perfectly good donuts was nothing short of a "freakin' jackpot."

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Food waste is a problematic issue for many companies; Panera Bread and Little Caesars have seen their fair share of internet controversy for disposing of perfectly good food in dumpsters at the end of service. Not only does this waste the packaging and energy needed to grow and package the food, but it also is relegated to a landfill where it emits planet-warming gasses as it degrades. 

Dumpster diving, as showcased in the video, can be a way to rescue food that would otherwise go to waste. But this must be done carefully, as perishable items like frozen food and meat can make people sick if they sit out for too long. 

In the case of these donuts, it's likely they were perfectly safe to recover and eat but may have been a tad stale. Some companies will refreeze unsold items, but in the case of frosted donuts, freezing them may have been impractical or diminished the quality. So, it may have been a better option for the company just to toss them, even if it compounds the food waste issue. 

"Sometimes, I'm just amazed by how much stuff people throw away," he said in the video as he panned over the boxes of discarded donuts. 

Users in the comments section were horrified at the find. "[It's] such disgusting waste," one user commented. 

"Take [the donuts] out of the dumpster and give it to the homeless people," another suggested. 

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