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This easy-to-use website helps you buy luxury furniture at a massive discount — here's how to try it

The company claims it's kept over four million pounds of furniture out of landfills.

Kaiyo secondhand furniture

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Used furniture website Kaiyo provides a platform for buying and selling secondhand items in an effort to reduce the amount of furniture ending up in landfills. 

How does it work?

Taking part in this environmentally friendly exchange is simple. All you have to do is head to the Kaiyo website and browse all of the great brands available.

All of the furniture on sale has been checked and cleaned by a team of experts. Add whatever catches your eye to your basket and head to the checkout. After buying, the team will get in touch to organize delivery and help you set up your pre-loved furniture in its new home. 

Selling on the website is just as simple as buying. It's free and easy to submit furniture that you're ready to sell. The team will review whether your items are up to scratch, keeping with the durable, top-quality furniture that is already on the website. 

Once approved, you select a convenient date for the team to collect your furniture and wait for the team to review the item in person. The team will value your item and offer you payment.

Why should you take part with Kaiyo?

Kaiyo keeps sustainability at the heart of its ethos and claims to have kept nearly 4.5 million pounds of furniture out of landfills so far. 

Currently, we only recycle about 69 million tons of a possible 292.4 million tons of solid waste — leaving the majority to end up in landfills.

The textile industry, in particular, is one of the most environmentally destructive industries, contributing around 17 million tons of textile waste each year in the United States.

By buying and selling on the Kaiyo website, you'll help contribute to reducing the amount in landfills while also benefiting from top-quality furniture with great discounts.

Not only will it save you money and keep pre-loved furniture from going to waste, but you'll also help plant trees across the world. Kaiyo plants a tree for every order completed on the site.

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