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Woman calls out common misconception about 'slow fashion': 'I see way too many people do this'

"I've got some fast fashion pieces I've had since ninth grade and they're still holding up."

"I've got some fast fashion pieces I've had since ninth grade and they're still holding up."

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As many look to slow consumption of fast fashion and decrease their personal impact on the environment, one influencer is warning that tossing out cheap clothes isn't the way to go. 

In a short video, fashion-focused TikToker Project Catherine (@project.catherine) looked to educate her followers on how to combat fast fashion, calling out one common misconception that can cause more harm. 

@project.catherine i see way too many people do this…#slowfashion #sustainablefashion ♬ You Brussle sprout - Anneli

Fast fashion typically refers to clothes and accessories designed and manufactured in a short amount of time, often being sold for low prices. Companies such as Shein, Zara, and H&M are considered to be fast fashion, releasing new collections on a frequent basis.

Purchasing items from these stores has become increasingly popular as they cater to swiftly changing trends. However, fast fashion has also been found to have harmful impacts on the environment, including the use of toxic chemicals and production of large amounts of textile waste. 

In her video, the TikToker indicated that many people will look to get rid of the "unsustainable" clothes they purchased from these companies in order to create an eco-friendly wardrobe. 

"I see way too many people do this," she wrote in the caption.

She explained that more shopping is not the way to participate in slow fashion — a sustainable way of shopping that prioritizes purchasing higher-quality clothes that last longer. Project Catherine explained that slow fashion can go even further by taking advantage of what is already in your closet.

"Sustainable fashion is about wearing what you already have and consuming less," she said. "Even if you own fast fashion pieces." 

By embracing and wearing clothes already in your wardrobe, you can decrease the amount of clothing you toss each year. Americans have been found to throw out nearly 80 pounds of textiles annually. 

Dozens of other TikTok users agreed that throwing out clothes isn't eco-friendly, even if the pieces are considered to be fast fashion.

"I die when someone does a 'sustainable fashion haul,'" one user said. "Hauling isn't sustainable! just buy what you need!"

"Sustainability is as much the user's responsibility as it is the providers'," another said.

"I've got some fast fashion pieces I've had since ninth grade and they're still holding up. Will be using them until their death," a third chimed in.

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